Well we made it.  All three of us survived the first year.  I guess we should make that four considering it was an adjustment for Sofie dog too.  It was a blur of diaper changes, bottles, baths, more diapers, lots of firsts and memories.  I wouldn’t change one thing about the first year and really, it is too late now.  We did what worked for us and were truly blessed with a ‘good baby’.  Maybe that means the teen years will be awful or a second baby will be a terror, but we will take it.  Sleeping through the night, not a picky eater and rolling with the punches where ever we may take her.  What a ride!


Her last month before turning the big numero uno started off with Madilyn taking her first steps.  By the end of the month, she has given up crawling and is all over the place.  It is so awesome to see and she seems to feel pretty proud too.  This month she has really morphed into a toddler (what happened to our baby – ok, she will always be our baby).  You give her a direction and she does it.  You give her a spoon and she dips it in her food and takes a bite.  You tell her no and she laughs (still working on that one).  Ms. Independent!!


One of Madilyn’s favorite things are dogs.  She is obsessed and pants like a dog when she sees one and gets so excited.  So taking her to the dog park was quite an experience.  She also loves macaroni and cheese and yogurt but is willing to try anything we eat – even Swedish pancakes made by daddy.  She enjoys her weekly swim lessons but I’m pretty sure she may have more fun kicking and splashing in the bath.  Her newest obsession – BOOKS!  She will sit down while we read a big stack of books over and over again.  I love this new obsession and it is so fun seeing her eyes light up.  There are a couple we may wear out sooner than later.  She even has a few books just for the bath, one which she wanted to share in her dogs bowl (also a favorite toy).


Maddie also loves watching a few minutes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings while we get ready for work and school.  The best part, the hot dog song at the end.


We kicked off February with an epic event – the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!  I am convinced Maddie is our little good luck charm.  Either way, we had to take some time off of work to attend the rally after the victory.  It was a great way to end such a fun season and even better to share it with the newest fan in the family.


We also celebrated the last of Maddie’s ‘first holiday’ run with Valentine’s Day.  Maddie even gave a little Valentine’s day card to her daycare boyfriend which was too cute.

Mid-month we headed over the mountains to Moses Lake.  Maddie always love spending time with any of her grandparents and had the run of the house in ML.  Playing in grandma’s jewelry box and a little tune on the piano.


After a quick overnight, we finished our trip across the state to take Maddie to her first Gonzaga game.  It was so cool to have her experience all that is the Kennel and Gonzaga basketball.  She was absolutely enamored with watching the Kennel Club cheer and jump around.  And loves the Go Gonzaga chant.  Plus we got to see some of our Spokane favorite people while we were there.  A perfect trip!

photo 1photo 2

Of course the biggest event of them all was celebrating Madilyn’s first birthday with a big group of friends and family.  She was a delicate little cake smasher and had fun seeing her cousins and little friends run around and play.  Maddie was spoiled by all of her generous guests and it was a perfect end to an awesome year!


We cannot wait to see what the next year brings with our silly, sassy, smart and adorable Mads.  New memories, new adventures and lots of love for this sweet girl.