Really – one more month until we are celebrating a first birthday?!  Where did the time go???

First off, we couldn’t have ended it in a better way…..with the Seahawks as Super Bowl CHAMPIONS!!  After having season tickets for the last 5 years, it is awesome to see this happen.  Even more exciting to have shared this season with our little gal.  She went to training camp this summer and attended a handful of games.  Can’t wait for the parade on Wednesday!

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January went by in a snap.  Other than cheering for our Hawks, we have been enjoying some warmer weather for this time of year and a little thing they call sunshine – in January – in Seattle.  Yes, it happens and we have taken advantage of it with trips to the park and walks.


Mom and dad left our sweet heart for nearly a week to go back to New York.  It was hard to say goodbye but we were busy enough that the time went pretty fast.  Tony was given the opportunity to go based on the amazing work he did on the Spokane McKinstry office.  So amazing it was nationally recognized with an award the first night of the conference.  I am a very proud wife and enjoyed celebrating with him and getting to know his work world and the people in it a little better by exploring the city in very cool ways.  It was a fun trip and we couldn’t have survived being away without the luxuries of Skype and Face Time.  We also couldn’t have done it without the help of each grandma.  We are so very lucky and so is Maddie.


Beyond our football addiction and some travel (including a quick trip to San Fran), we have enjoyed watching Maddie develop before our very eyes.  When we got back from our trip, I couldn’t believe how much it seemed she had grown (well mainly her hair – finally).  She is now very confidently standing on her own and even for an extended period of time AND also likes to dance as she stands.  Still no step on her own though.  She is so close.  But in her own time, it will happen.  Until then, her crawl is enough to get her in trouble quickly.

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Maddie also has become a little helper.  She likes to cook dinner with us and one of her favorite things is turning off the lights.  She learned this from Grandma and it is pretty sweet.  She also has learned to hold the phone up to her ear and is pretty savvy at her iphone apps (necessary on occasion).  She is babbling away and is good at mom/mama or dad/dada.  She has some sort of word for the dog or dogs in general but it isn’t dog.  I can’t wait to see what the first real word will be.

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As she wraps up the end of this month of milestones, there are 4 top teeth working their way through.  Which will then bring her total to 6.  Madilyn has also decided when she plays, she wants to pull every toy or book out.  Put it back as many times as you want and she will do it again.


We have started to let her use the spoon more too and she is good at putting it to her mouth, but the dipping into the food is more of a messy process.  She eats everything at this point and we cannot wait to see her go to town on some cake for her birthday.  Until then – we will enjoy every moment until she celebrates her first year.  We love you boo!