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Double digits!  I cannot believe Madilyn’s first birthday is around the corner.  When I was putting up our 2014 calendar and referencing our 2013 calendar for birthdays to transition to the new calendar, I noticed our January 2013 was full of baby classes and showers.  Where did 2013 go?

This month was spent mainly around Christmas activities.  Maddie’s first Christmas was fantastic!  We incorporated all kinds of traditions from our childhood and made some of our own.  I now know the pure joy of the holidays with a little one.  I will never forget celebrating her first Christmas – even though I know she won’t remember a minute of it.


And now for the festivities.  We enjoyed picking out our best Christmas tree to date and decorating it while listening to the sounds of Tchaikovsky.  Then we saw Santa for the first time at Tony’s holiday party at work.  We baked cookies for Santa and read Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Our new traditions consisted of Snowflake Lane in Bellevue.   And yes, the elf on the shelf was present but that will happen in full force in a few years.  I hope Maddie will join us next year for the Nutcracker.imageDSC_00341513657_983697934573_1980501883_n

Between traditions we celebrated with friends and family.  We had our monthly friends dinner with gift exchange and an Italian Christmas eve at our house complete with the family gnocchi recipe.  Christmas day we spent as just our little family before Christmas dinner with Tony’s family.  Then we packed our bags to head east for a belated Christmas and Boxing Day celebration with my family.  So great to share this first holiday with all of our fantastic family and friends.


Besides the holidays, we had a very special event this month.  Madilyn was baptized on December 15th.  We feel so very blessed with her in our lives and look forward to watching her grow in her spirituality.


Maddie also got to experience a little bit of winter and put her little snow outfit to use.  We had a little snow in Seattle and a late start for daycare so we played before it melted.  Then she got to experience her first sledding and ice adventure in Moses Lake.  So fun!


This month has been a blast with our little mover.  Continuing to crawl all over the place and pull herself up.  She now gets into EVERYTHING!  Our 2014 goal is to baby proof.  We borrowed a walker toy from her cousins that she loves to cruise around and chase the dog with.  Her favorite game by far is still ‘Where is Madilyn?’ where she hides and we peek a boo.  She will even do it by herself.  So cute!  She has loved this since she was just a few weeks old and makes her giggle like crazy now.

10 5Maddie continues with the ma-ma and da-da and now it is directed at us.  Towards the end of the month when we say dog and woof woof, she will make what sounds like a woof sound.  We will call it that for now anyway.  She sure loves dogs!  Her favorite thing this month is pointing.  She points to things like, hey, I want that!


Cheers to a very happy and exciting 2014!