9 months means Madilyn had another well child check up.  Once again she is measuring off of the charts with her height at just a sliver under 30 inches.  She is in the 80th percentile for weight at 20 lbs 4 oz.  Our little girl doesn’t seem so little.  In 9 months she has grown 9.5 inches and gained almost 12 pounds.  Crazy!

I feel like time is going by faster now that fall has come and gone.


We are already trying to figure out what to do for her first birthday.   But first we have the holidays!  We cannot wait to celebrate with our little one as we start our own traditions.  Maddie is already a huge fan of the advent calendar and she gets a lick of the chocolate before mom and dad eat it all. 

image_2image_12This month has been so much fun.  Madilyn is coming into her own personality.  She is goofy and fun.  Then she has a moment where I see a glimpse into the future where she pushes away something she doesn’t want or shakes her head.  Yikes!  She has become miss independent.  Climbing up the stairs, crawling everywhere, standing or pulling herself up on everything and even side stepping around objects.  Walking may be around the corner… 



She tries to get to daddy (or mommy if daddy picks up) first when he gets home but Sofie dog is much quicker.  It is the best to have such an excited little smile come your way after a long day at the office.


Maddie continues to be adventurous in her eating too and wants to eat what the big kids eat or drink out of big people cups.  We feed her some baby food but have started to just feed her what we are eating or finger food.  She loves it and continues to be obsessed with cheese.


We have also been watching a lot of sports (or attending in the case of the Seahawks games).  Maddie is quite the spots fan.  Maybe she will be the next Erin Andrews?  ESPN watch out!



We have also started parent/tots swim class.  It is so fun!  Only 4 weeks but we are enjoying learning more about being in the water.  Since Maddie’s grandparents live near water or have boats, we want her to be secure in the water.  It is a great way to meet other little ones too.  She loves the humpty dumpty game jumping into the water and is good about being dunked.  She loves to practice her splashes in the bath.


Another month in the books!  We leave you with this photo of our little peanut.


Happy Holidays – love Madilyn!