NOTE – This photo was the first one and after that, she wouldn’t stay still on her back so mom gave up!

October was another busy month.  Mom and dad left Madilyn for her first sleep over with Grandma and Grandpa in Moses Lake while they enjoyed Oktoberfest in Leavenworth.  What a fun weekend for everyone.  Mom and dad had a great time with friends in the Bavarian village and Maddie had fun ruling the house at the grandparents.


This month we also met my old college roommate and her family for a weekend of family fun in Walla Walla.  Mike, Kellee and Luke live in Boise so WW was the half way point for both of us.   Wine tasting, enjoying the beautiful fall weather, kiddos playing, cards, making meals and more wine.  It was awesome!!  I cannot wait to make this an annual event.

photo_2photo_1 We also celebrated Madilyn’s first Halloween.  We went to the pumpkin patch with the entire family (so that means the dog came too) on Mom’s day off between her old and new job.  It was a great Friday with our little family!  Then we had a carving party on the floor a few weeks later.  Maddie wasn’t to sure about the slimy pumpkin seeds but we gave her a piece of pumpkin to gum on and she was digging it then.  It was probably the quickest pumpkin carving we have done since we waited until close to bed time but mission accomplished!  The week of Halloween was spirit week at daycare and I was so surprised that all of the kids joined in on the fun.  I had to include a picture of color day where her class wore red.

On Halloween day, Daddy and Maddie came to my work to ‘trick or treat’ around the office.  It was so fun to have Maddie come and have my two loves meet my new coworkers and watch Maddie crawl chase the other kids around as they loaded up their bags with candy.  After that we headed north to Grandma’s house to hand out candy and stop to trick or treat at a few of houses of family friends.  Madilyn was an adorable mouse and it was so cute to watch her crawl and her tail swish around.

photo3photo_3photo_4photo_5FOTBD52  Maddie also met her great grandparents from Wyoming this month.  It was so great to see them and she just crawled right over to great grandpa and he picked her up.  So sweet!  Madilyn is lucky to have so many people who love her.  photo4


This little peanut is all over the place these days.  Her army crawl has turned into a regular crawl.  Her love of standing has turned into pulling herself up on everything and anyone (that is once she crawls over to your legs).  This includes the dog too.  She is a chatter bug too.  Da-da-da is what I hear all of the time and a few times she says dad.  I’m convinced that it doesn’t have any relation to dad and hope her first word is still mom.  But I would probably place bets that it is dog.  She says ma-ma only when she is upset which makes me snuggle her even closer.  Usually upset happens when she is about ready for bed or when she falls on one of her climbing adventures.  But she has definitely mastered the butt drop when she wants to go from standing to sitting.  Maddie has also graduated to the big bath tub and she LOVES it!  It is like a baby swimming pool.  She has her toys and moves around playing.  We are on a waitlist for swimming lessons to get her in the water more since she isn’t afraid.


Our little gal is also a good eater.  She can grasp her finger foods like a champ with her pinchers.  We always cheer and she just looks at us like it is no big deal.  She has also bonded with the dog during feeding time.  A little for Maddie and a little on the floor for Sofie dog.  She hasn’t been too picky either and loves yogurt, most any fruit and cheeses (a girl after my own heart). We usually do some baby food and some finger food from our dinner.  Yes, the make your own baby food phase has passed – well it only lasted one round to be honest. Oh well.

With how much she has changed and how active she is, we cannot wait for the holidays.  Although our tree may only be decorated on the top half depending on how interested she is in lights and ornaments.

On to the next milestone and adventure….