Many things inspired me to journal this list over the past month.  At the end of every day I wanted to document the blessings in my life, what happened that day and take the time to reflect on the so many things I have to be thankful for.
1 – The little things in life – like spending this Friday night on the couch with a glass of wine, some chocolate, my husband and a movie we had been trying to see forever.  All while our little gal slept peacefully upstairs.
2 – Early morning tea parties with my daughter.  Even if she isn’t really sure what is happening yet.  I remember doing them with my grandma when I was little.
3 – Technology!  Grandma and grandpa may be 180 miles away but it is just a simple touch of a screen to see and giggle with them.
4 – My new job.  It is a Monday and my day has flown by with a long list of to dos but excitement around each project.
5 – The first rainy day in a long time and having the opposite commute of everyone else (read – Seattle drivers can’t drive in the rain…..I know)
6 – The gym that is 20 yards from my cube and usually unoccupied.  And FREE!
7 – My girls – Sofie dog and Maddie.  They are so cute together.
8 – Friday!  They are just the best!
9 – Finding a fabulous pastor to baptise our little gal
10 – Seahawks football!  Ka-Kaaaaaa!!
11 – The start of college basketball season.  GO ZAGS!
12 – My first egg nog latte of the season – yum yum
13 – Random mid-week family dinner dates at our favorite pizza place
14 – My super awesome, fantastic, caring, loving husband and how he is THE BEST DADDY EVER
16 – Our new neighborhood breakfast spot that is a walk away (plus we are on a first name basis)
17 – Great friends and how easy it is to get together and have fun
18 – My mom – enough said – moms are the best (I hope Madilyn says the same thing one day)
19 – Our siblings – we really hit the jackpot
20 – Happy hours with old coworkers
21 – My dad – especially how he calls me before every Zag game he is at to let me hear the kennel rock 
22 – Grandparents – what would we do without them?!
23 – Skyping with friends in Europe and seeing them in person in April
24 – Our health – running a 5k was evidence I need to do that more often
25 – Maddie’s daycare – they are fantastic and like family
26 – Being able to laugh even in the midst of chaos
27 – My silly, happy, adventurous, snuggly, adorable and loving little girl!
(Madilyn’s hand turkey art from daycare)