What a crazy and fun month!  September was busy for us and our little peanut was along for the ride.  We kicked off the month with mom’s first overnight away from baby.  I headed down to San Francisco for a dear friend’s bachelorette party.  I figured if she could fly from Zurich, I could be there for her last bash.  Daddy was great to keep the photos coming while mom was away and not seeing a great friend for 2 years made it easy to spend time catching up and being silly.

As soon as I got home, we had a group of family and friends already at the house celebrating Tony’s birthday and getting ready for what was to be the Seahawks game of the season against the 49ers.  Such a fun party and even better win for the Hawks!

A few days back in our routine and I was down to San Francisco again – this time with daddy and Maddie.  Our little gal was great on the airplane.  Mama was a bit worried since the last time we took her on a flight she was only 10 weeks and now she is much more mobile but she did awesome!  We enjoyed spending time at the warf and in the city.  Then headed to Los Gatos for Jen and Jeff’s rehearsal dinner and wedding the following night.  Great to have everyone meet Maddie and even better to celebrate their gorgeous wedding!  Sunday we headed home late so we were able to take in a winery and spend time with our other international friends, the Keatings from Amsterdam.  Such a great long weekend/vacation.

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Maddie had her first sleep over at Grandma Debbie’s the next Saturday so mom and dad could go out with friends and enjoy the WSU game in Seattle.  She was a good girl and mom and dad had fun with their friends.

Being on the go on the weekends means we really are enjoying our evenings and down time when we have it.  Our little girl is moving all over the place.  She gets up on her hands and knees in the crawling position but then flops onto her belly and army crawls since she is so much quicker that way.  I turn around or look down and I have a little one pulling on my pant leg.  She crawls around chasing the dog and once she gets to her, the dog gets up and Maddie goes after her again.  We were impressed when she was just sitting up – what a difference even a few weeks can make.  Maddie is also a fan of pulling herself onto or up on things and she is getting so strong.  Diaper changes definitely require a distraction these days.  She just mastered waving after she was quickly over the high five.  It is so cute and just melts my heart!


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Maddie is a fan of being a big girl and enjoying food now too.  She still does the mushy baby stuff but has tried some finger food too.  We love seeing the expression on her face when she likes, or even better when she dislikes, something new.  Although still no teeth, she just gums away.

photo (60)

We are looking forward to what the next month brings.  Her babbling is getting a little more coherent at times so I’m pushing for mama as her first word – we will see how it goes.   We leave you with her first ‘school’ photos 🙂

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