6 month check up stats:  28 inches (100th percentile) and 16 1/2 pounds (54th percentile).  Up 2.5 inches and 3 pounds in just two months!

This month marked the month of traditions.  We love including Madilyn in lots of fun activities that we have done for years….before the days as parents.  Three of those things we have been able to expose Maddie to this month – football, kickball (she may become a tom boy with all of this sports stuff) and our annual labor day trip.

August kicked off football season.  We took Madilyn to Seahawks training camp.  Of course we picked the rainiest day of the summer but it was just a taste of what the real season will be like.  We have had season tickets for a few years now and are thrilled to share this tradition with our newest fan (yes she has multiple player jerseys as well as other hawks gear).  We took Maddie to her first game against the Broncos during the preseason.  She also went to the Raiders game.  Regular season starts in a few weeks so we will see how it goes to take her to those games as well.  She definitely wears her hearing protection since the 12th man is a loud crowd!

photo (53)

Tony and I have been playing on the Commandos kickball team for the last 5 years and 6 seasons.  We have gotten engaged, married, pregnant (I had to skip that season) and had a baby all in our tenure with the team.  Maddie is our #1 fan in the dugout.  Cheering on the team with smiles and giggles.  It is a blast!

To close out the month, we just got back from labor day weekend at the Ellensburg Rodeo, camping in Vantage and time in Moses Lake.  Tony’s mom and her side of the family (including aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents) have been going to the rodeo for 30+ years so it meant a lot to bring Madilyn this year to have her experience it too.  Of course we had to dress this little city girl like a country gal for the day.  She like watching the animals and was a trooper in the sun.  We had a great time.

DSC_0113 DSC_0145

Other than that, we have been enjoying being in Seattle and spending time with family and friends – like a Friday night at a brewery with friends and their little one or an impromptu trip to Bainbridge Island for the day.  This summer has been hot and Madilyn has discovered the water and LOVES it!  Grandpa Brad has a pool and we have enjoyed swimming and splashing around so much that we had to get a little blue pool for her to swim in at home too.  She kicks her legs and just giggles.  Even on land she will do the same when she is on her belly.  She has now started to take to baths like she is in a mini pool with kicks and splashing.  We love to see her personality come out when we try new things with her.  We put her in the pool in Hawaii a few months ago but now she is old enough to really enjoy it.  Swim lessons?  I think so!

photo (52)

Helping daddy at work

photo (50)

Swimming with Grandpa

photo (54)Coming off of the ferry after brunch and touring around Bainbridge Island

It has been a fun few months and we cannot believe all of the things our little girl can do now.  Since the beginning of the month she has been able to sit up on her own which opens up her world in a new way.  She can even push herself back up if she falls forward from sitting.  In addition to sitting up, she can shimmy around to get to things she wants to grab.  She sleeps in the tucked position and I feel like we may have a crawler sooner than later.  Time to baby proof!

photo (57)

photo (51)

Madilyn is a curious girl and of course puts everything in her mouth.  On that note, we couldn’t wait two extra weeks until her actual six month mark and broke down and gave her some rice cereal.  She was a huge fan!  We tried sweet potatoes this weekend and mangos.  So far, so good – not a picky eater.  Except she wants to do it herself and always goes for the spoon.  We can’t wait to try more things as she gets older.  We are working on a few baby signs to start associating words with items or actions.  She mainly just thinks mom is being funny and laughs at me but we will try a little longer.


First food – rice cerealIMG_6176

One thing we know for a fact is that she loves dogs.  She just wants to grab Sofie dog’s fur and tail but poor Sofie isn’t really a fan.  She does love to lay by her at playtime and I’m sure she will come around once Madilyn is feeding her food from her tray.

Maddie is a happy baby and so good which makes this parent stuff seem simple (we always say we are using all of our good baby juju on this one which makes us nervous for a sibling one day).  She sleep still sleeps through the night (usually around 10 hours) and is a good napper.  No teeth yet but we think they are around the corner.  She babbles in the car and her happiest time is probably in the morning.  If her toes are out she will be sucking on them and yammering along at some toy or to that adorable baby in the mirror.  We are just having a blast and mesmerized with the development and changes that have happened so far!  Mom is also proud to have made it this far exclusively nursing.  Next month will include a few adventures – mom leaving for an overnight and another flight with baby.  Never a dull moment!  We will see what the second half of Ms. Madilyn’s first year brings us.   WE LOVE YOU BOO!

photo (55)‘Reading’ her dog a story