Another month has gone by in a blink of an eye.  Summer is usually crazy and this year is no exception.  We started out July with a trip to Spokane to see friends and then on to the Anderson family cabin for the 4th of July holiday.  This was Maddie’s first trip to the cabin.  We all had a great time playing cards, tennis and eating way too much.

DSC_0657 photo (44) DSC_0663 DSC_0659

We also went to our annual Red Sox vs. Mariners game.  Grandpa Brad got us tickets and it was Maddie’s second baseball game.  She even got a ball from the Mariner’s bullpen.

photo (43)

photo (49)

Tony and I celebrated our third anniversary on July 24th.  It has been an amazing 3 years and we look forward to many more to come.  Maddie got us flowers (ok, daddy got mommy flowers).  Maddie took this photo and then pulled them over so they didn’t last long.

photo (42)

At the end of the month we went down to Portland for a night.  It was Maddie’s first time in PDX and it was a blast as always.  We stayed with the Knowlton’s and it was so fun to see them.  Sofie dog loved it too – getting some time with another pooch.  We went to the brewfest they have each year on the last weekend of July.  Tony and I hadn’t been since 2008 and this trip was definitely a little different with a baby in tow.  We still had a great time and ran into another of our Portland favorites – the Mattsons!  It was so great to see good friends and have a little weekend away.  We can’t wait for another trip down there sooner than later.

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Tony and I took a half day to go to Seahawks Training Camp.  Maddie’s first experience watching her team.  We cannot wait to take her to the first game in a few weekends.  Here are my two loves seriously watching Russell Wilson run plays in the rain.  Game like conditions in August – oh Seattle.

photo (45)

One of the most fun things Maddie has been enjoying this month is her ‘car’ – a toy she can push around with her feet (think Fred Flintstone).  We are borrowing this from our friends who are due at the end of August.  Maddie is breaking it in for their little boy.  She loves it and drives all around the house making noises.  Here we captured the little driver with her new stocking hat that some family friends in Alaska made for her.  Perfect for this winter!

photo (47)

Our little one is growing up so fast.  She has mastered moving things from one hand to the other.  Scoots and rolls all over the place when you put her down and a game peek-a-boo still sends her into the giggles.  She has been a full time day care baby while mom has gone back to work and has been doing great.  Mom misses her like crazy but she is the best treat to see at the end of a work day.  Madilyn has found her voice and babbles and screaches to get our attention.  She has become absolutely enamored with watching us eat and wants to eat what we have.  We have given her breastmilk on her baby spoon and she grabs it and puts it right in her mouth.  We cannot wait to feed her rice cereal next month and explore new foods with her.

On to the next adventure and new experiences – we love you boo!