4 months 4 months means another doctor appointment and round of shots in the books for Ms. Madilyn.  She now weights 13.5 lbs (38th percentile) and measures in at 26.5 inches (100th percentile).  She has grown 5 inches in 4 months.  Just crazy!

This month marked mom’s start back at work.  Three days per week which still gave us a few days of quality time.  Madilyn and I both survived.  She seems to enjoy daycare.  She is the youngest in her room and just is in awe of all of the older kids (just a few months older).  Mom is getting in the groove of work too and headed back full time in July.

A special treat this month was a quick visit from Madilyn’s great grandmother from Montana.  It was so fun to have her meet Maddie.  My mom was here as well so 4 generations of gals.  My grandma had given me some clothes and blankets that she had as a baby and some from my mom as a baby.  So special to have them and have grandma meet our little gal. DSC_0520 DSC_0502We also celebrated Tony’s first father’s day.  Maddie made him an adorable artwork project at daycare with her hand prints that said – Best Dad Hands Down!  Here they are reading his card before he put together his new BBQ. photo (39) We have been enjoying the sunshine (yes, hot days in Seattle before July 5th) with time at the park, on a boat in Lake Washington and other sun filled adventures.  Here is a picture from after one of daddy’s hockey games.

photo (36)

Madilyn is starting to let her personality out more and more every day.  She LOVES to stand and also loves being on her tummy.  She rolls over from front to back and back to front.  She is so happy and loves to smile.  She is super alert (we always get comments on how alert and interested she is when we are out and about).  She takes it all in and loves to reach out and touch things.  She reaches out to pet the dog and Sofie just goes along with it – I can’t wait to see them become pals.  She likes to play peek-a-boo and starts to giggle with excitement before you even do anything.  She is so fun!  Sassy, adorable and we are loving every minute.  We had a bit of a challenge about half way through the month with sleep since we can’t swaddle her anymore now that she is a roller, plus a cold and a heat wave in Seattle but she is back to her sleeping 8-10 hours/night.  We are lucky and thankful for such a good baby.  We can’t wait for more firsts and exciting moments around the corner with our sweet boo.photo (37) photo (38)