3 months

I wish I could take a Zack Morris ‘Time Out’ right now and just freeze life.  It is going by way too fast and I swear we can see her change right before our eyes.  For example, she rolled over while I was updating this blog – WHAT?!?  Just amazing to see her take in new things at every turn.

But all good things must come to an end and this month marked the last month of maternity leave.  We decided that since Tony only took a week off when the baby was born that he would take another week before I had to go back to work.  What better place to spend the week with our little family of 3 than in Maui!  Maddie did fantastic on the plane and was sound asleep on both flights (even with a 3 hour delay leaving Seattle).  Maui is so family friendly.  We enjoyed time by the pool and beach.  Maddie had her first pool experience and didn’t mind it.  I can’t wait to see if she becomes a little fish in the water. We toured around different areas on the island and enjoyed some yummy food.  Including a luau one night.  It was a very relaxing week and great family time.  Even got to spend our last day with Maddie’s godparents – Joey and Tricia.

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While we were in Maui we celebrated my first mother’s day.  It has a whole new meaning now.  I feel so blessed to have this little one in our lives and am understanding more and more what it means to be a mom.  Daddy and Maddie did a great job making it a special day with brunch on the balcony and some spa time the next day.

We have been enjoying activities around the greater Seattle area this month – a roller derby bout, winery event, Greenlake, etc.  Maddie is a great travel gal and has been fun to bring along to all kinds of things.  She is my little buddy each and every day and so fun to explore new things with her.  We also went to visit grandma and grandpa in their new house in Moses Lake for a few days.  She slept the entire way which made it easy on this mama to travel alone while daddy worked.  It was a great visit and we even got to see auntie Mary!


Madilyn loves to read books and play in her new play area (yes we have started to give up our adult space to baby stuff – slowly taking over our home).  She is such a happy gal and has discovered her feet and hands.  She LOVES her feet and likes to hold onto them or even suck on her toes.  She wore shoes for the first time this month and something that little was such a new experience.  She loved the shiny ones!  And so her addiction to shoes begins…


20130602-163757.jpg 20130602-163555.jpg

We are lucky parents to have such a happy, healthy and sleeping baby – through the night and sometimes up to 10 hours – THANK YOU MADILYN!!  She has changed our lives for the better and it has been so fun to grow with her as parents as she grows.  Her smile just melts our hearts and its the little things that just make me so happy to be her mama (and daddy too).  When she needs her pacifier in the car and she grabs my hand as I try to reach around to give it to her.  Or when she nuzzles just a little closer when I’m burping her.  That is when I can’t even imagine loving anything more than I do at that moment.  I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.  It will be a transition month as I go back to work 3 days a week.  Balancing family and work, nursing and bottles, trying daycare and crossing our fingers that we all survive.

Signing off with a photo of our happy baby….