2 monthI will probably say this with every post, but I can’t believe how fast time is going now that Madilyn has arrived!  Two months in the books and we are in awe of our little gal.  She had her 2 month appointment this week and she passed with flying colors.  Measuring at 24.25 inches (100th percentile) and 11lbs 3oz (50th percentile).  A long and lean gal.  Volleyball player maybe?

More firsts this month.  Starting with her first Mariner’s game.  We went to opening day with some friends and Maddie was fantastic.  Fell asleep (thanks to her ear protection making it quiet for her) after the first inning.


Some of mom’s best gals from college visited to meet Maddie and hang out with mama for her birthday.  It was a fun filled few days.  We did all kinds of things – Pike Place Market, Vashon Island for lunch and wine tasting (Maddie is a great tag along for wine tasting).  Then Maddie got some daddy/daughter time while mom got to go out for drinks and dinner with some lovely Zag friends.  All in all it was awesome!  So thankful for great ladies in my life and so glad they got to meet Maddie.


We have been out and about quite a bit.  I feel very lucky that Maddie just goes with the flow.  We wake up and I feel like she looks at me wanting to say – what are we doing today mom??  We visited my coworkers, had a picnic on the rooftop at daddy’s work, went to the aquarium, spent a good 3 days in a row at Greenlake (hello sunshine in Seattle!) and have been going to a barre workout class (a good trial for mom letting go – daycare for an hour a few times a week).


Despite all of the adventures, I’d say the most exciting stuff happens when we are just chilling at home.  Singing songs, playing on her mat (she LOVES to kick her legs) and watching her figure things out is just amazing.  Maddie loves when people smile at her and will usually return it with a big toothless grin of her own.  She is super smiley and happy in the mornings (doesn’t get that from her mom) and is curious about everything.  She is reaching for things, interested in the sounds her toys make and tracking with her eyes for toys or voices.  She holds her head up and makes fun noises like she just wants to tell you a story.  Her smiles melt our hearts and she saves one for daddy every day when he gets home from work.  We are smitten to say the least.  Can’t wait for another month of adventures and firsts!