In my prenatal yoga class we get assigned a birth partner (someone less than 30 weeks) in the last month of pregnancy so we can share each others stories.  Tonight was class and here is our story that was shared.


Wednesday, 2/27 – our due date – came and went.  So did the next day and the next.  The waiting game is hard and I was a little emotional waiting for her to come.  I am ready little girl – I reminded her daily.  I was pretty sure I’d be pregnant forever so I tried some old wives tales – eating pineapple, spicy foods, waddling around the neighborhood, a Chinese foot massage, etc. but nothing was working.  With every random contraction I was hoping this was the day.  Friday night we had a very relaxing night at home and she must have known we were really ready because I woke up on Saturday morning around 9:30am and my water broke.  I didn’t know it broke and thought I was having serious bladder control issues.  But when I had wet my pants about 5 times in 30 minutes, Tony and I looked at each other and knew that my water had indeed broke.  We called the doctor and they said ‘Let’s have a baby today’ and that is when it hit me – the day was here!!

My group B test was negative and I wasn’t having contractions yet so I didn’t need to rush to the hospital.  We finished breakfast, got
ready, overpacked our hospital bags (you really don’t need to bring much) and baked some cookies for the hospital staff.  Finally we said bye to our fur baby and jumped in the car knowing the next time we would be in it, we would be parents.  Kind of a surreal ride to the hospital.

By the time we got to Swedish First Hill around 1pm, the triage was packed.  They told us to walk around to try and get things going and they would be in touch.  I have to admit that instead we found a TV and started watching college basketball – knowing Gonzaga played at 2pm.  Around 2:30pm it was our turn to get checked out (good thing the game was a blowout).  I had continued to leak during the afternoon and they confirmed that my water broke.  I wasn’t having contractions but was starting to dilate and efface.  Because there is a window of time once your water breaks before infection is a concern they admitted me into a birthing room and started Pitocin around  5:30pm.  I didn’t feel much at first and was enjoying the Duke game.  We had my mom, dad and brother stop to say hi and were about to play some cards.  Then the contractions kicked in!  We walked around, bounced on a ball and tried different positions as the contractions started to get more intense.  Around 6-7cm, my contractions were so close together because of the Pitocin and my body kicking into gear, I couldn’t get relief to catch my breath between them.  I elected to have the epidural around 10pm.  What a relief!!!  I am pretty sure if we had a boy I was going to name it after the anesthesiologist for coming to my rescue.  Good thing she was indeed a girl.  The effect was pretty quick and I was able to think once again.  I actually tried to take a nap and fell asleep until around 11:30pm.  Our doctor came in at that point to check our progress.  I told her I’d been feeling pressure.  She took one look, not thinking we would be that close to go time, and you could hear the shock in her voice – you are ready to go!  She had another patient that was also in labor and went to check on her while they prepped me to push.  She said it may be a contest to see who delivers first.  By the time she game back to my room she said I won because she could already start to see her head.  Things had moved fast and she was ready to make her entrance into the world.  I pushed through 3 contractions and 30 minutes later I had our beautiful daughter on my chest.  Madilyn Josephine Marino was born at 1:15am on 3/3/13.  Weighing in at 8lbs 6oz and 21.5 inches long.

We are absolutely smitten and beyond in love with her.  I feel very blessed to have the labor I had and went into it not knowing what to expect.  We tried natural as long as I was able but weren’t opposed to drugs going into the day.  We put our trust in our doctor and knowing what I/my body could handle.  It is truly amazing what your body can do on its own and the whole experience is life changing.  Plus you get the best gift ever at the end!

Welcome to the world Madilyn!