Ms. Madilyn will be 2 weeks on St. Patrick’s Day.  Here are our latest adventures…

Week 1 –

We came home on Monday afternoon from the hospital.  Madilyn met her fur sister Sofie dog and we settled into our routine as our new little family.


Maddie also had her first bath at home and we went on a little walk around the neighborhood.


photo (22)







Our little gal had a host of visitors that couldn’t wait to meet her!

DSC_0148 DSC_0144 DSC_0143

Week 2 – 

Grandma Anderson came into town for the week since Tony went back to work.  She fattened us up with some yummy baking and cooking.  We ventured out for errands, had a family friend over and a dinner with both grandmas.  A great week!

Maddie was a hit at her first wine tasting.  We went to the private McCrea tasting just up the street from us.  We have been going off and on since we moved to West Seattle a few years ago and continued to go while I was pregnant just for the yummy food.  They couldn’t wait to meet our newest addition so we brought her along and she was on her best behavior except trying to steal my wine glass.

photo (24)

On Wednesday we had her 10 day old appointment and she is still measuring 21.5 inches (99th percentile) and has gained 10 oz since leaving the hospital – 8 lb 10 oz (74th percentile).  She is doing awesome and seems to change so much.  She lays on our chest and holds her head up really well.  We are proud parents!!  I think one of the best moments of the week for mom and dad was when she slept from 10pm to 8am with only one feeding and a 5.5 hour stretch of sleep.  We all felt amazing the next day!

Maddie also watched her first hockey game and daddy scored 2 goals.  We can’t wait for the Easter Classic hockey tournament in Spokane in a few weeks for more hockey and to meet friends and family in Spokane.

photo (23)

On tap this weekend is some quality family time, St. Patrick’s Day celebrating and of course watching March Madness Selection Sunday.  Go Zags!