I have had some time to reflect on this pregnancy journey while being on maternity leave (probably watching too many episodes of a Baby Story on TLC).  It has been a great ride. I have loved being pregnant and have been lucky that baby and I have been healthy during these 39 weeks and counting.  Besides the tired part at the beginning, I never had morning sickness or any other big pregnancy woes.  I hope that the next blog post is about her arrival and not a 40 week interview.  The waiting game sucks but every moment has been worth this miracle.  It has been a beautiful adventure and  I can’t wait for the next chapter when she arrives!  


39 Week Interview

How far along? 39 weeks

Baby’s size? A watermelon.  I can only imagine what fruit/vegetable is next if we are at a watermelon this week?!

Days until next doc appointment? 1 week but really hoping we have a baby before then

Total weight gain/loss? about 25ish pounds

Maternity clothes?  Of course – trying not to go too far down the sweats road while I’m on mat leave and have been good about getting ready and having a little ‘to do’ each day.

Stretch marks?  A few little ones

Sleep:  On and off.  Slept awesome last night and so nice to sleep in!

Best moment this week:  Enjoying the quiet moments while we have them.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner dates with friends and the hubby and mid-day walks with the dog.

Movement:  She is still moving around with what room she has

Food cravings:  Made some rainbow chip cupcakes but forced Tony to take most of them to work

Anything make you queasy or sick?  Nope

Have you started to show yet?  I feel like this question doesn’t even need to be answered anymore…

Missing anything?  The ease of turning from one side to another at night


DSC_1022Cake from an amazing shower with the ladies back home

Labor signs?  Contractions and pressure but not enough for her to arrive yet.  1cm down – 9cm to go

Belly button: A little more outie these days

Wedding rings on or off?  On and off depending on the day

Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy and anxious

Weekly symptoms:  Nothing beyond the labor signs

Looking forward to:  Meeting her!  Let’s do this!!