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38 Week Interview

How far along? 38 weeks

Baby’s size? A pumpkin – I believe it!

Days until next doc appointment? 1 week – or maybe the delivery room next – who knows??

Total weight gain/loss? about 25 pounds still – better enjoy those last few indulgences I suppose

Maternity clothes?  Yes – it will be weird to be back into normal clothes.  Who needs buttons or snaps on their pants – seriously??

Stretch marks? The way she likes to sit on one side, I saw a few little ones on that side.  Stinker!

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well but looking forward to having the option to take naps once I’m done at the office on FRIDAY!

Best moment this week:  Last week of work.  Ready to pamper myself before I’m completely sleep deprived.  We also got a pretty awesome gift from my first boss at Starbucks and his family.  She is ready for football season – beast mode!

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Movement: Not as much as usual.  She is running out of room!

Food cravings: I definitely called Tony to have him stop for grapes on the way home from work the other day – green AND red

Anything make you queasy or sick?  Feeling good in this department

Have you started to show yet?  To the point where people say, when are you due??  But they usually follow up with – you look great.  Hmmm, but I’ll take it!

Missing anything?  Being able to bend over like it is no big deal.  That has become a little more of a challenge these days.

Gender? A little lady

Labor signs?  Getting more contractions off and on plus some pressure down low but not enough for anything exciting yet

Belly button: Innie/outie depending on how she is sitting

Wedding rings on or off?  On for now but things are getting a little swollen from time to time

Happy or moody most of the time?  SO EXCITED!!!!!  Maybe a bit nervous…

Weekly symptoms:  See labor signs – hope it means she is coming sooner than later

Looking forward to: Getting my hair done, a mani/pedi, naps, not having to go back to the office on Monday, walks with the fur baby to get things moving, going out to a movie (before a babysitter is required), some hubby/wife time and taking it all in before our world is turned upside down