I saw this shirt on Pinterest (but didn’t pin it – as my excuse, this was in my early pinning days) and had to recreate it when we found out we were expecting as a fun way to count up to baby’s arrival.

List of supplies are as follows:

Maternity t-shirt for your growing belly

Masking Tape


Number stencil

Paint or paint pens

·         Start by measuring the outline of your grid.  I did 8 rows each with 5 numbers.  The number stencil I had were 1 inch numbers so I space them out accordingly and measured out my grid (about 7 x 13 inches).

·         Use masking tape to frame your grid.

·         Break your gird into 5 columns evenly spaced and then 8 rows also evenly spaced.  I used masking tape again to form a sort of grid to put my numbers in – very technical 🙂

·         Once your grid is ready to go, place your stencil of the number 1 in the first box and use a paint pen to color in the number (I used a pen so it didn’t bleed through).

·         Once you have all 40 numbers in the grid, take off the tape and start taking photos!!

·         After you complete a week, cross it out with a pen of a different color to keep track and see the progress happen over the months to come (I’m just hoping the shirt fits at the end – stay tuned)