Here is my attempt at recreating a baby mobile I found on Etsy that goes for $60 with tax and shipping.

 List of supplies are as follows (about $15):

Wooden dowel

Paint for dowel if desired

Cardstock – about 3 pages of each

Fishing line or other clear line

Beads (I used clear)

Circle punch

·         First step – pick out the colors of cardstock to use.  Since baby girl’s nursery is yellow, grey and white, that is what I picked.  Then punch about 20 circles of each color to start.

·         The mobile is set up to have 3 strands of each length (measured by the series of dots  in the strand – 3, 5, 7 and then one strand of 9 dots for the middle).  To start a strand, cut a piece of line and tie a bead to the end.

·         Poke a hole with a thumbtack into the circle to thread onto the line down to the end where the bead is at.

·         Go up about 2 inches and then knot another bead in the line.  Poke a hole in another colored circle and thread on the line.  Continue to do this until you create the strands for each length series.  Alternate the colors to flow nicely.

·         Once you have all of the strands made, it is time to cut the dowels for assembly.  (Or in this case, it was time for me to go to the Seahawks game to come home to a dog that ate half of the strands while we were gone – so this project took a little extra time recreating some of the strands).

·         I cut two dowels to be 14 inches each.  I then shaved down the center point of one dowel to fit the other dowel into the divot to create a recessed cross to hang the strands.

·         Spray paint or hand paint the dowels if you desire.  Then hot glue the dowels together to create the cross after it the paint is dry.

·         From there, tie on the strands starting with the smaller (3) series length on the outside and working to the longer strands as you work towards the middle.

·         And done!  You can tie the mobile up with more line or ribbon – whatever you want to use.  Turned out great for baby girl’s room and should match her crib bedding just right 🙂

Finished product – Etsy photo on the left and recreated mobile on the right