27 Week Interview

How far along? 27 weeks + 3 days

Baby’s size? A rutabaga – 2.5 lbs and 15 inches long

Days until next doc appointment? 5 days – glucose test too

Total weight gain/loss? about 16 pounds but I blame some on Thanksgiving and the holiday season!

Maternity clothes?  Of course – not able to get away with as many pre-pregnancy tops since this little girl popped

Stretch marks? I think I saw a little one the other day – trying not to think about it

Sleep: Not too bad lately but I think I need a big body pillow to get comfy as things grow towards the end

Best moment this week: Tony has been a super dad cooking dinner after long days at work.  Very thankful mama.

Movement: YES!  She is a mover.  Tony and I sometimes just stare at my belly and watch her move.

Food cravings: None really but I’ve been eating probably more ice cream than I should

Anything make you queasy or sick? Sometimes I get queasy before bed – not sure what that is all about

Have you started to show yet? Yes!  Rapidly expanding…

Missing anything?  Raw sushi – mmmmm

Gender? Baby girl

Labor signs? No

Belly button: Innie

Wedding rings on or off? The sparkle still fits

Happy or moody most of the time?  So happy!  Excited to meet her.

Weekly symptoms:  I’ve had a lot of long meetings this week so a little swelling from sitting so long – trying to walk around the building to get the blood flowing

Looking forward to: OUR BABYMOON!!!!  Off to Arizona for 4 days….cannot wait to take this last trip as just the two of us.