Here we go – trying to revive the blog.  What better way to start than will a glimpse of our 2 and a half week trip to Asia.  It was a trip of a lifetime and we saw and experience things we never have in our other travels.  The flight was long but worth it for the time we had to explore.  We started with a quick 30 hours in Hong Kong.  Tony went to high school with Sam who is originally from Hong Kong.  He was a fantastic tour guide and took us on a whirlwind Hong Kong adventure by night when we landed until 5am.

From there we woke up early (still jetlagged) and hiked to the top of the peak in Hong   Kong.  It was amazing!

With the first leg over, it was time to get on a flight to Bangkok.  We spent a few days there seeing the Grand Temple and other sites.  Tony got a suit and dress clothes made and we had the best fried chicken ever in Bangkok thank you to a little old lady who pointed us in the direction of the restaurant.

From Bangkok it was off to Chiang Mai.  This was one of our favorite parts.  It was a laid back city in the north west corner of the country.  We explored the night market every night, saw our first ladyboy show, learned to cook Thai food and rode bareback on our own elephants.

Next stop – Koh Saumi – an island off of the coast.  There we had a relaxing week long beach vacation in our 1500 sq. ft. hotel room and enjoyed days on the beach and nights exploring the city.  We took a catamaran up to Koh Tao to go snorkeling and diving one day and decided we will probably need to retire on that island.  It was beautiful.  We opted out of the Full Moon party but still took part in the lighting of a paper lantern with our hopes and dreams.

Headed back home in a few days, we decided to go back to Bangkok to pick up Tony’s suit and enjoy the last few nights of great food, friendly people and culture.  I can’t wait to go back some day for pad thai, a cheap and glorious massage, fun shopping and more exploration.  Where to next??