Today marks Madilyn’s 18th month milestone.  And marks 6 months without a post.  As this lady says –


So onward we go.  Plus I’m sure you get your fill from Facebook posts and photos anyway right?!

Without further delay, we now give you –

An interview with an 18th month old:

Favorite Foods – mac & cheese and fruit

Favorite Words – no is her favorite right now but some other regulars – shoes, please, boat, baby, mama, dadda, ball, ash (for her cousin Ashley), doe (for her uncle and also for her godfather Joe), due (for her cousin Drew), blue, eye, cheese, beep and nana (for banana).

Favorite Toys – mickey mouse, toy kitchen and a little chirping set of eggs

Favorite Books – first 100 words, old bear, cuddle, don’t let the pigeon drive the bus, knuffle bunny

Favorite Park Toy – toss up between the slide and swing

Favorite Animal Sounds – monkey, dog, elephant, cat

I Like To – dance, play, walk the dog, watch Curious George, splash in any water and see/touch animals

And a few photos to mark this place in time for of our sweet, silly, independent little girl.  We love you bunches Maddie!

DSC_0534DSC_0545 DSC_0546